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We offer the company's innovative design projects, technologies and prospective products:

  • KG-10 head wide-angle collimated airborne indicator (with single component reflector, indigenous highlighting projecting tube), less weight and improved parameters;

  • digital or analogue block for TV signal switching;

  • modeling rig of information control field (ICF) for sophisticated objects (aircraft, locomotive, automobile, control panel for nuclear power plant etc.);

  • information control field hardware for the aircraft cockpit, driver's cab of the automobile or locomotive etc.) including 15΄(10΄, 6΄ x 6΄) or other size liquid crystal displays (LCD), and/or wide angle collimated indicators;

  • data ware for modeling rig ('drawing' of ICF data patterns prior to beginning of ergonomic research of modeling object);

  • radar operation modeling rig (different types of radars);

  • flight data recording system with compression of video data;

  • other proposals close to our subject.


Products earlier developed by other companies and available for integration into new projects:

  • multifunctional display MFD 10';

  • multifunctional display MFD 6'x6';

  • collimated indicator HUD (24°) with analogue input (at preliminary trials stage).


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