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The company is young, although it was established in the past century. In 2011 it attained 13 years of age. You can take a closer look at us and examine what has already been done and what is currently being developed. Without going back to history, let us have a look at the present positive moments.

In 2003-2004 Phazotron-7 LTD developed a basic package of software - computer aided design (CAD) system for ergonomic research against GNIII VM RF MOD order. The CAD is still used by GNIII VM specialists. Thanks to this experience and also programming experience and adjustment of airborne indication systems and modeling rigs Phazotron-7 LTD completed D&D 'Development of CAD for creation of indication pictures' against the request of one of aircraft building companies. This was preceded by our obtaining of licenses for development, production and repair licenses of computing equipment for RF MOD. Further steps in CAD improvement, based on maintenance experience, certification etc. are planned.

To ensure interface commonality, function expansion and improvement of computing capabilities Phazotron-7 LTD debugged CAD for ergonomic research at the company's expense. Updated CAD received the name PriZm 1.0 .  

However, it turned out there is no limit to perfection. New customers - NP 'Medecoergocenter' - made requirements that are even more stringent for CAD, including possibility of adaptation to the software earlier developed on the modeling rigs.

We hope CAD 'PriZm 1.1' will take its well-deserved place in the world classification. CAD development urged the necessity of creation multi-functional displays (MFD), that can be programmed right after the software debugging on modeling rig computers. The experience gained from development of compact weather display, video processor display (10") and requirements of CAD 'PriZm 1.0' became the basis for creation of 15" MFD . However, the first version of MFD-15 still requires programmers' attention in preparing data for hardware programming. Our latest development is free of this shortcoming. All the CAD 'pictures' created by aircraft system specialists automatically program MFD-15M without participation of programmers.

MFD includes the video signal digital processing module, which allows to noticeably improve the 'TV' picture, matched with graphic image. Video signal improvement parameters are listed on page Digital processing of images .

Compact power source IP-1115 (115Vx400Hz), created by us out of necessity, is a product that stands by itself. It is good, reliable and user-friendly. There are no customers yet, who regretted purchasing IP-1115 from us. You can read more about this product on IP-1115 power source page. 


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