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САПР 'Формат Про 2.0' Print E-mail

 Модельно-ориентированная среда разработки программного обеспечения критически важных для безопасности авиационных и оборонных систем. Среда Format позволяет пользователям разрабатывать встраиваемое программное обеспечение, отвечающее требованиям стандартов и сертификационных норм. Использование инструментальных программных средств позволяет обеспечить сокращение сроков проектирования, снижение затрат на разработку проекта, сертификацию и последующую эксплуатацию создаваемых объектов, а также качественное повышение надёжности.


CAD 'PriZm 1.0' Print E-mail

CAD 'PriZm 1.0'

The program is a computer aided design system for information control field of the cockpit (ICF CAD). ICF CAD provides for modeling of logics and output graphic results of different equipment, and also simplifies the labor-consuming process of creating and correcting of MFD graphic images. All the work can be done by a specialist in the field of avionics, weapon use, medicine, psychology, military etc.

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Multi-functional display (MFD) is a liquid crystal display interfaced with an on-board calculator. Any information from the on-board complex can be displayed in a dynamic graphic format. Graphics can be overlaid on a TV image (from the radar, TV or thermal imaging camera). Multi-functional keys on the display periphery ensure control of operation modes, input of data and selection of parameters.


SHKAI-29 Print E-mail


SHKAI-29 is a wide angle collimated airborne indicator designed for displaying raster, symbolic and alphanumeric information on the electron ray tube screen and subsequent projection of this image by collimated optical system to transflective mirror in operator's field-of-view. It provides for the possibility to see infinitely focused image against the background of airspace beyond the cockpit.

Digital image processing Print E-mail

Digital processing of images

We ensure improvement of sharpness and resolution, compensation for lighting, spatial and time distortions, suppression of fluctuation and pulse noise, image processing. All these result in improvement of recognition, conversion of interlaced video signal into single line video signal, changing of pixel quantity per frame, conversion of frame sequence frequency, compensation for transmitting cameras' lag, etc.

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